As a student I pursued a career in science, acquiring an MSc in Biochemistry. After graduating, I worked at an EdTech company, SES - Scientific Educational Systems, designing science experiments for schools. In parallel, I followed my passion for art by learning paper mache sculpting and obtained an art instruction certificate. Now I am using all my background to design Voice apps

Aside from Chatty Creations, I work as a freelance Voice User Interface (VUI) Designer for Mobiquity.  l have participated in four voice projects in the past year. During this time, I have worked on projects for big brands (some are fortune 500 companies). I work as part of a team that includes designers, developers, and testers. My role is to efficiently design conversational flows, that feel natural while giving the users confidence through their journey. 

Getting back to my studio projects: The best example of how I combine my talents is Kiwi Monsters - An Interactive Story that teaches science. Now I am working on illustrations for screen devices along with a new voice design. 

I love using sound effects and real human voices to create the ultimate experience for kids and adults.


At Chatty Creations I work with writers, musicians, illustrators, voice over actors, science consultants, game enthusiasts, and testers.

As a freelancer, I also created a voice app for Ampliospeech, a company that does innovative speech-language therapy. In addition, I designed the sounds for Pretzel Labs  award-winning Alexa skill, Kids Court.

It would be great to hear from you

-Einat Laudon

kiwi planning (1).png
Kiwi Monsters Running