Sounds. Voices. Music

These are slides (for now they are without links) of the presentation I gave at Project Voice 2020. Voice - Interactive Musical Experiences - Alexa skills, and other related media. 
I forgot to mention 'Novel Effect' in the presentation - check it out too. 
Links will come as soon as possible. Please write to me and give me your thoughts about the subject, or if you have any questions. 
*How did I get to create this? I just have an interest in this subject as a designer and creator, which brought me to create The Muffin Man - Alexa skill (with singer Megan Schoenbohm).
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Voice interactive musical
Picking the right sounds and voices for a voice app can magnify the experience. All our Interactive Alexa skills include great sounds and human recorded voices, along with Alexa or Polly voices. 
Save the Blob - Introduction
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