Art Contest for Children! Do you have a young artist at home? Age 3-12?
Their illustrations could be featured publicly in the Muffin Man Alexa skill for screen devices like the Amazon Echo Show. Winner will also get a special thank you video from Singer Megan Schoenbohm. 
These are the steps to enter the contest:
1. Enable The Muffin Man Alexa skill :
2. Open the Skill with the child/children on an Alexa device, sing along with Megan and choose who you want to meet. Play until you hear about the 8 different friends who live on drury lane. 
3. Let the child draw at least one character from the song, It can be The Muffin Man character itself and/or the 8 additional Characters from the song, each character on a different piece of paper (at least as big as a standard printer paper). Alternatively it can be created directly through an app or computer program. 
4. If the picture was drawn on paper, take a good photo of it.
5. Prepare the files in a folder (Dropbox/Google Drive). 
6. Fill the form below. 
Terms and Conditions:
The images must be created by a child between the age of 3 and 12. Chatty creations has the rights to use the images in The Muffin Man Alexa Skill and for any other purpose related to the skill (or future Muffin Man apps). Chatty Creations has the rights to edit the images as they please and publish the images on it's website and social media with no attribution whether the images are the winning images or not. One set of images from one child will be chosen by Chatty Creations by this criteria:
1. Images that best reflect the characters in the skill. 
2. Images that are colorful and happy. 
The images will be incorporated to The Muffin Man Alexa Skill for at least 3 months and the child will get a special thank you video from singer Megan Schoenbohm (The singer featured in the skill). The first name of the winning child will be mentioned in the video, Chatty Creation's website and Social media. 
Submit the images until May 1st 2019 at 8 PM PDT. 
*Contact us at if there is an issue with the form. 
Here's Your Chance To Win

Thanks for submitting!